About Us

Every Frushi Fruit roll has its own uniqueness. We want you to have a tropical, exotic and healthy experience.
We understand emotional cravings and we know that one first eats with his eyes.

Therefore we created Frushi Fruit to look most esthetically pleasing and fresh with high quality ingredients.
The product that is being offered by Frushi Fruit is unbelievably unique.

The product is based on gluten-free soy paper, fruit papers, topped with different fillings.
Each roll of Frushi Fruit is rolled with different fruits and different fillings that is designed to make the harmonic taste a special and unforgettable experience.
You can use Frushi Fruit as gift for a friend or for birthdays, holidays, work events, family events, weddings and even if you want just to treat yourself.
We offer a variety of special fruit platters, fruit baskets, fruits in all sorts of fun designs for all types of events.

We are committed to bring you the best quality of fruits.

Take a look at our gallery, the pictures speak for themselves, and call us to place your order.